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Benefits of Implant Therapy for Our Patientss


For The


Implants are NOW seen as the Standard of Care for Tooth Replacement

  •  The only method of tooth replacement that replaces both the crown and root portions of a missing tooth
  • The only method of tooth replacement that preserves jawbone and facial structure – prevents the appearance of premature aging
  • The most predictable method of tooth replacement between 95-98% success rates for patients over 10 years and Nobel Biocare warranties their implants for a lifetime!
  • Long-term success (if properly maintained)
  • Over 40 years of scientific documentation and has been indicated for use in North America since 1983.
  • Preserves healthy adjacent teeth
  • Looks, Feels and Functions like a natural tooth
  • They are not susceptible to decay like natural teeth


Additional Benefits for Denture Wearers

    • Improves their social confidence and quality of life
    • Are able to eat the foods that they may not be able to eat with dentures
    • improves one's self-esteem and psychological well-being
    • improves chewing function from 50-90%
    • reduces on-going costs and inconvenience of repeat visits to dental professionals to re-fit ill fitting dentures
    • improves taste and speech