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I have got along with denture and maybe I am too old?

 I’ve lived with my denture or partial denture for years can’t I get by?


It is important to note that the denture replaces the crown portion of a tooth only; it does not replace the root portion of a tooth. As a result, the jawbone is not stimulated and starts to dissolve. As the jawbone dissolves over time the denture wearer will experience an escalating deterioration of their quality of life. The denture wearer will experience increased difficulties with:


Denture Stabilization




Jaw Pain

Nutrition Health

Facial Appearance

Self Confidence


 I’m I too old for dental implants?


There is no upper age limitation to have an implant. If you are  “healthy” enough for the procedure and you have the desire, then you are a candidate for the procedure.


Patients over 90 years of age have replaced loose partials and full dentures with implant-supported restorations and their main comment is: “I wish I had done this sooner.” “I can now eat the food I want to eat not what I can eat.” They are experiencing a better over all quality of life. They enjoy the benefits of easier chewing, digestion, speaking, better nutrition and an increased ability to taste.